In this two-part, prime-time series, Howard Jacobson, a Booker Prize-winning author, follows the meteoric rise of four of Australia’s greatest exports: feminist Germaine Greer, satirist Barry Humphries, art critic Robert Hughes, and poet and prolific writer Clive James.

A co-production between Mint Pictures and Serendipity Productions, ‘Brilliant Creatures’ was filmed in London, Cambridge, New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Sydney and Melbourne. It was directed by Paul Clarke (‘Whitlam’, ‘Wide Open Road’, ‘Mother of Rock’), and financed by ABC, ABC Commercial, BBC, TCB, Screen Australia and Screen NSW.


Hosted and largely conceived by British novelist Howard Jacobson, ABC1’s Brilliant Creatures is a two-part look at the endowments to and departures from Australia by four of its very best minds: Germaine Greer, Robert Hughes, Barry Humphries, Clive James. Even in the very peculiar case you don’t much fancy these subjects, you’ll fancy the hell out of what is, at times, an exquisitely frank look at the present intellectual life of a deluded nation. Helen Razer, The Saturday Paper Full Review HERE

 Four Stars - The Times (UK) 2/7/14